A Journey Towards Sustainable Development- An Entrepreneur Ahmed EL-Mutasim Mohammed Ahmed

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Greetings from Ahmed-EL-Mutasim Mohammed Ahmed
An Entrepreneur

I would like to thank you for allowing me to take few moments from your time to unlock together few issues & agendas concerning development in Africa.
Final Resume-Arabic+English
I am an entrepreneur that started early working for constructions; Manufacturing industries related to oil & Gas, Electricity & Power etc in the Gulf region as Project Manager, Marketing Manager and in Sales acquiring an outstanding & a very rich experience in such fields.

Since developments and infrastructure development always were my concerns, I have managed to walk all the way through the rich environment of the World Banks, IMF, IFIs and related Development Agencies to secure and pave an en-lighted path that will help to start some where to add something to our needs.

Whether by implementing new innovative ideas or securing a finance for a prestigious project or developing some of the new Knowledge Economy (KE) Initiatives
(which are one of the Areas that I really enjoy to implement) and ultimately participate in achieving one/part/all of the MDG.
However it is a very long path,
The Power of Triangle of H-CC-FC
PM always attracts me and I am a professional Project Manager (PMP accrual) also one of my plans were to start a professional institute to qualify project managers to sit and acquire the PMP in Several African countries,

but still need a serious push that I do not have an access to it right now (Please refer to the PMP presentation) also to audit and prepare a complete business plan for Small and medium Enterprises (SME) as out lined in the attached presentation.
Things that make us very happy

The objectives of sustainable Developments are part of my vision so please consider my serious interest to cooperate together if situation arise to add that extra mile to those who need it and to learn Ahmed El-Mutasim-Innovative-Entrepreneurship
and share with you your future vision towards the development including these Four important issues:

2-Climate Change
3-Global Partner-ship in Infrastructure Development
4-Financial Market
Millennium Development Goals
But before The end “I would like to take You for a ride, would You”:

The Blind Girl Story

Value chain-01-سلسلة القيمة_pagenumber.001

The above photos are part of my journey from Saudi arabia up to now in sudan working for enabling community & sustainable development

Thank You

Ahmed EL-Mutasim Mohammed Ahmed
Tel. # 00249917279001
Email: ahmedmutasim@hotmail.com


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