Arabian union Banking Conference “Investment climate/environments & Integration of Resources in the Arabian region”

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This discussion had happened two days ago between me & a very educated bright Sudanese women residing in the United State of America and she is working for a prestigious American firm. She has a passion to Sudan; please read my answers to her below while you may get her questions and answers from the discussion board as follow:;
where you may join it or enjoy the discussion. It is very fruitful & beneficial even if you are not a Sudanese & the issue would not bother you.

Arabian union Banking Conference Investment climate

Dear Fedaa


You are making it very easy to me; I was preparing an article about the

Arabian union Banking Conference “Investment climate/environments & Integration of Resources in the Arabian region”

A conference which I had attended yesterday in Burg ALfatih Hotel; Khartoum; Sudan for Two days; Wed. & Thursday April 28 & 29; 2010 respectively

It is not a coincident to find you in every single elegant place/wave; inspirable, I enjoy riding

As if you are following my path. but I know that is impossible you are in Florida; USA & I am in Sudan. Though I have reached to a conclusion that We share one thing & we have it in common; looking forward to see our beloved country Sudan in prosperous position, well developed, its people have a considerable access to save water, excellent education an have a adequate quota of Foreign direct investment running all over its region to accelerate the development. is that what we share or not; correct e if I a wrong y dear Fedaa?

FIB had & has a wonderful social responsibility towards the community; though I will put you through a very nice team that will be able to answer all your queries; if the information that I will providing will not satisfy you, Yesterday FIB was among the Guardians & one of the Major sponsor with Bronze Status in the Arabian union Banking Conference.

I was impressed by the sophisticated modern tools that they are using to automate their system to facilitate the access to their products & services to the customer; their excellencies gain a very strong momentum form strong position of their Groups, being sitting at the hub of the banking industry in the Arab region & its elegant Roots; With his Highness Prince Mohamed AL-Faisal as a chairman of the group give it a another dimension & concurrencies never forgetting the steady economical growth that Sudan undergoes these days.

Yes I will write more & I will pray to see you in Sudan to see by our own eyes the condition & our Sudan now. Seeing is believing my dear; development is in fast track mode & it has the focus & consideration of the highest rank of the leaders of the country; e.g. this conference was cherished & entertained by the his Excellency Mr. Ali Osman M. Taha the VP of the democratic Republic of Sudan. Commitments are there from high level Authority & you will see the results very soon.

One of the most sophisticate subject being discussed is the Islamic finance which will be answering your queries since the main objectives is to establish a Legal economy able to achieve the following:

1-Economical justice
2-Community development
3-Luxury of the Citizens

Islamic Finance communicate with all segments of the community & all the segments will have an equal opportunities & access to the finance; wall street titan are starting to believe on it; since it proves to be save heaven for their wealth during Financial Crisis

The main objectives of the conference are as follow:

• To highlight the importance of the enhancement of the Arabian Investment Climate to follow the international standards & criteria

• To highlight the importance of the diversity of the Arabian economical base & their roles to support Arabian across borders trade & other world ones.

• To evaluate & rectify the Arabian economical & joined Projects work’s performance

• To highlight the role of the Islamic Finance in materializing & enjoying across borders Arabian investments.

• To activate across borders Arabian investment projects as incentive & entrance to Arabian economical integration

• To incent the banks, the traditional & Islamic Arabians Financial Institutions to invest in the productive sectors, to finance the small & medium enterprises & to finance & augment the micro-finance facilities

Platforms & Subjects:

• The real Situation of the Arabians economies & their contradicted & integrated aspects.

• Vision to The Arabian Economical joined market & across Borders Investments Project- A vision towards the Economical Integration.

• The promising role of the Islamic Finance in reinforcing & support the Arabian Investments>

• The Objectives & the advantage of the economical diversity to achieve the Arabian Economical Integration>

• The Investments in the Energy & the Renewable & alternative Energy & Environment.


• Ministers of Trade & Economy

• Governor of Central Banks

• The Leaders of the Banks & the Financial Institutions

• The Leaders of the economical & Financial Organizations & Unions.

• Investors & Business Men & Women

• Representatives of the following:

o Insurance Company
o Investments Fund
o Social Insurance Fund
o Payments Company
o IT & Communication & Tech Company

• International Financial Institutions (IFIs)
• Economist & Experts in economical & Banking Issues

Partner Sponsor

Bank of Beirut

Strategic Sponsor

Arab Bank

Lead Sponsor


Platinum Sponsor

• Omdurman National: Bank

• Faisal-Islaic-Bank

• Taddmoun Islamic Bank

• Beploss Bank

Silver Sponsor:


Thank you for the elaboration it is really nice to follow all these aspiration; it pushes all my buttons to that area; as I have informed you I am preparing an article which will cover most of the area you have specified; but this will not jeopardize the opportunity for the FIB to present their services. It would be great to see that work.

Micro Finance is moving fast in our country/Rural area as well – it tocks its way to rural area; I will let you have a close look at the activities very soon; you will be very happy by the achievements of the these great guys; including Widad Yagoub; the chairwomen of the family bank-specialized in micro-Finance. She is very supportive businesswomen & she has an interest & capacity to help to build our beloved country

Moreover a lot of projects are designed to address & stimulate the small & medium enterprises. One of the conference Focuses is to harness that opportunities through linking them with the long term investment in the field of agriculture. We need to work hard in that area. We need to mobilize finance to harness these opportunities. We need a fast track way of finance to make the required leap

As you may know there is a huge work being done by a group of professional under close supervision of the VP of Sudan.

برنامج النهضة الزراعية

A lot to come along the next article. Wish you a very pleasant night


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