New Baby Jawahir

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Jawahir (August 15, 2009) When and before you were born I was having a big plan for you Jawahir, The Last thing to see and the last thing to imagine is to see you like that. Full Option was my dream. Is to take you to school from Zero grade till Harvard business school to take you to sports centers and play tennis with you, to swim with you and play along that ranch around our neighbourhood. But things went the other wayRound.

I am sorry Jawahir things end up this way, but it is God well I am accepting it, please God give her & I the strength to bear the long distance that she will be walking alone without me. Other things the world is full of kind hearted people who are always looking to add that smiles for those who need them, I knew that by heart & I know them. I will Approach them Jawahir. They Well Help Y JAwahir; I am sure. I will request God every single minute, every single second & every single moment of my life to heal you & make it up to You and I will come bact again to this article on my site to confirm that and to praize God and send my gratitude To those who will be making it up to you honey.

She need helps; I am requesting experts, Doctors, donors, Humanitarians Agencies, those who have kind and givety hearts to retain the smile to my family and let Jawhir walks by the time she will be introduced to walkism.

It is a message for all those who have the ability, the scientist, medical bioneers who are able to treat Jawahir’s case to contribute to my child health and return her to me walking, running; able to play tennis and swim and finally will be able to join Harvard Business School happily
جواهر ابنتى تدعو الله عز وجل هنا ليشفيها ويوفق والدها لذلك وايضا تحاول ان تكتب اعلاه ,جواهر تقترب من السنة والنصف ولان لم افى بوعدى لاجعلها تمشى على رجليها وهى على مقام المشى تبقت دقائق شهور قلائل اقل من ستة شهور من يستطيع ان يقدم ذلك الميل الاضافى او (المال الاضافى ليجعلها تمشى على الاثنيت تحتاج لاكثر من خمسمائة الف دولار عملية ومتابعة بمستشفى الاطفال ببوسطن-ماسيشيوتس-امريكا-المكان الوحيد بالعالم الذى لديه الاكتشاف بزرع الاعضاء تحت مسئولية المريض-تجربة-ولكن الكثير مشى ونجحت العملية.
ولدت جواهر برجلها اليمين قصيرة وكفتها ملوية
هل هناك من يساعدنى على الوفاء بالوعد
الاشارة الى المقال الذى كتبته يوم ولادتها بالخامس عشر من اغسطس 2009
من يستطيع ان يقدم ذلك الميل الاضافى او (المال الاضافى) ليجعلها تمشى على رجليها تحتاج لاكثر من خمسمائة الف دولار (500000 دولار)عملية ومتابعة(لمدة سنة) بمستشفى الاطفال ببوسطن-ماسيتيوتس-امريكا-المكان الوحيد بالعالم الذى لديه الاكتشاف بزرع الانسجة والاعضاء تحت مسئولية المريض-تجربة-ولكن الكثير مشى-
ونجحت عمليات كثيرة ولكنها مكلفة

Thank you

Your Father Ahmed EL-Mutasim


2 Responses

  1. Dear Ahmed,

    Just want to suggest you keep reaching people that might know a doctor that can fix this. I believe as medicine is so modern nowadays, a possible solution is on the way. I will keep you in mind if I happen to meet/know a doctor that might help you out.

    God bless your efforts and daughter.

    Kindest Regards,


  2. Dear brother Ahmed El-Mutasim:

    Jawahir is a beautiful child, and Allah has the best plan for her already, so do not despair. Easy to say, hard to accept by a parent, but doable to Allah. With your Eiman, strong Faith, determination and support; Jawahir will grow strong and will become a leader.

    Not to compare my story to you; but if it will give you just a slim relief it is worth mentioning.

    My youngest was once thought to be “retarded and mongolism” by his own father and father’s family. He was thought not to be able to walk for he was born with one leg twisted from the hip to the opposite direction, and the only help I could get him was messaging and exercising and making sure he uses his leg to walk. I was a single mother in a foreign country. I watched him fall every time he wanted to run with his brother and friends, and his smile “which was thought of as a retardation” never went away from his face.

    Rashad was loved and accepted as he was, and in a country where racism thought so little of black child; a group of teachers almost had him moved into the less advantaged students classes.

    By Allah’s will, his support and his strength; Rashad went on to be listed in the advanced gifted classes for high IQ, students and with honors. In high school and now in University, Rashad joined the school Football team (That is American Football), and only then I told him what he had to bare to become a man of strength and wisdom. I am very proud of him, and I will never stop thanking Allah for his gift, his love and his support.

    Dear brother, keep the faith and he will open doors for Jawahir. Doors that you and I cannot think of.

    Having said that, I also believe that science and medicine is now at a point where so much can be done. As Flavio said, keep reaching people, organizations, science and medical institutions. I am sure this is not the first case, and some doctor somewhere has a solution.

    My Allah bless Jawahir and her family.


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