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We are Not Americans Mr. The President; Barack Obama, but Jawahir & I are supporting the Health Insurance Reform, So pls Americans Do it

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Speak Out: Thank you for writing a letter‏

From: My.BarackObama.com (info@barackobama.com)
Sent: Saturday, October 03, 2009 3:20:16 AM
To: ahmedmutasim@hotmail.com

Thank you for writing a letter to the editor.

By speaking up, you’ll help shape pubic opinion in your community and ensure that health insurance reform becomes a reality in 2009.
If your story gets published, we’d love to hear about it. Please let us know here: http://my.barackobama.com/ltereport


Mitch Stewart
Director Organizing for America

From Ahmed El-mutasim Mohammed Ahmed
To The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Macon Telegraph, Marietta Daily Journal, Fulton County Daily Report, USA Today, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times
Subject Jawahir Story

Message This is a true story that is happening to me and my Family.

I am not an American, but I lived there for a while where I get a decent life for short Period, ever after I left to Home & the Gulf Area, where I reside Now.

Me & Jawahir ara supporting Health Reform, BO

I like Mr. the President Barack Obama, I breath his inspiration & Aspiration, his hard and smart work is window for my pain to get relieved and I really value what he is trying to do for better America.

I am very educated, self dependent person that built my self through a very strong intuition to create a better opportunity for me and my kids and contribute to the growth of the world.

Barack Obama when he stepped to the White House, the USA economy was in a big miss, a financial crisis was sucking the blood of the USA economy. I was following that from remote, some time I do contribute with my opinion and they consider it though, Many time I wrote To bin Bernanke and he listened to me through his secretary and value my opinion.

Also Climate Change issue is in its peak, whether disaster are spreading.

OB/He worked hard withy his team to allow America avoid that, he is coming with reforms in the financial market and health as in this subject. But those who like the pacon to continue and having a welfare to have the same old system to last in order to maintain their benefit would definitely oppose the reforms, but American are smart, clever and understand what behind the cover, but some time it is hard to fight the tide as in my case. But hay you are in USA the land of freedom and Y can make it.

So let us come back to my storey, I used to live in one of the gulf country and working in a very prestigious Group in a prestigious job and in a very strong influential industry.

I was having full insurance benefit (Class A), From Boba Middle East and I used to get my health treatment together with my family (two kids and a wife) in a very prestigious and famous hospital over there. Everything was smooth and beautiful, but for whom life maintain its grants & lasted? Everything suddenly collapsed in a moment even without warning and I had to leave my job and lost my insurance and left the Gulf too.

I am living in Africa right now trying to help my self and those around me, you may find a little bit about my activities in my blog httpp://www.bluedean.wordpress.com

But it is hard to start from scratch and with out initial investment / Lump sum amount of money. But I am trying. Among all these very cloudy situation God gifted me with my daughter Jawahir, 2 month old but with a short leg as in the attached photo

http://bit.ly/Jawahir and

Doctor said it has to be treated in USA and very soon, but I lost my insurance by the time I lost my job and left the gulf. It is hard to get insurance capable of treating Jawahir in where I live right now.

The point is for guys like me if they were living in America what would happen to them if there is no insurance system that will help & protect them, their kids & the loved one when they get sick & afflicted.

Barack Obama is helping you guys and he is making a history in here by putting & rectifying the deficiency that being maintained for long time. The denial of the right 7 the opportunity to be healthy for those who really needed and deserve it.

This man is a hero and you Americans should support & value him, how come you not while he is fighting for you & your right, right now?

I am afraid if you fail to extend an arm to him, you will never be able to have what he s trying to offer you. A health system for you and for your family and loved one that will let You avoid my case and not to run all night looking at your daughter’s legs absorbing the pain that you are not able to do anything to help her.

Believe me this man is great and would not be repeated with same passion, consistency & sustainable inspiration.

His inspiration was enough to heal my pain. I look to the world with a better angle when I remember his word in his Cairo’s Letter. He is healing the whole world pain

God bless you Barack obama and give you a victory not in the health reform only but in the Financial Reforms as well.

Thank You

Ahmed El-Mutasim


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