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Mr. the President of U.S.A Barack Obama will soon be nominated for Noble Prize As people around the World keep keep embracing his style-That what I am expecting

Yukio Hatoyama

Mr. the President of U.S.A Barack Obama will soon be nominated for Noble Prize As people around the World keep keep embracing his style-That what I am expecting

Mr. the President of U.S.A Barack Obama will soon be nominated for Noble Prize As people around the World keep embracing his style; New proposed Japanese Minister is embracing Barack Obama’s Style. The Dynamic Change.

Do you think that is the main reason/driver who allow Yukio Hatoyama to get the opportunity of his life? i.e. to run the World’s second largest economy. This will be answered very soon. But one thing I am sure about Obama’s style is very beneficial and it is a legitimate for Nowadays policy, Economy reforms you name it.

What will the impact of the ebisode on the International Economy? Please allow me to spot the light on few.

Japan New Prime Minister

Washington, the White House issued a statement Sunday saying that U.S. President Barack Obama looks forward to “working closely” with the new Japanese prime minister.

“We are confident that the strong U.S.-Japan Alliance and the close partnership between our two countries will continue to flourish under the leadership of the next government in Tokyo,” the White House statement said.

With Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso announced his resignation as head of the party that has governed Japan for decades following its apparent landslide defeat in elections Sunday.

As Japan’s voters, fed up with the party that has governed the country for decades, gave the opposition an enormous landslide victory in parliamentary elections Sunday, exit polls suggest.

It is expected that Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) may have won a 3-to-1 victory over the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

“I hope this victory will be for the people” Said Yukio Hatoyama DPJ leader & Japan’s next prime minister in a public comment
Hatoyama, who has embracing the Obama-style message of change, was mobbed at street rallies by supporters during the campaign – the kind of support the opposition has never seen before.

He pledged to raise the minimum wage and discourage hiring through agencies or on temporary contracts.

That message is gaining traction in a country that is witnessing historic highs in unemployment and experiencing ramifications like homelessness for the first time.

Japan Folks want change and wanted to give new leaders a chance, even if they were not sure what policies would replace the ones that have run the world’s second-largest economy for more than a generation.

Lines at polling places spilled out into Tokyo streets Sunday as Japanese citizens showed up in what seemed to be record levels.
Japanese are frustrated with the lack of an economic policy as Japan emerges from its worst recession since World? Is that true. What will the other people will say if the second largest economy folks say like that.

I think Yukio Hatoyama is right when he chooses to embrace Obama’ style- the change, but this time should start near the roots and goes up. That only 401 exit


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