Can Bill Gates stop The Hurricanes?- Scientists doubt it- But I think Yes he can


Can Bill Gates stop hurricanes?- Scientists doubt it- But I think Yes he can!- but to utilize Gabriel Vecchi Approach-get me-@bluesake@Twitter

Can Bill Gates stop hurricanes

I know you can do it Bill, just let others also do their home works and get that piece of art out the world. It is the time.

A pledge to Mr. the President Barack Obama to support the splendid idea. At least to start this innovative approach, no body knows what it will end up with.

It is nice not a noise to Copenhagen conference; Sir Bill gate.

Bill Gates’ idea of “stopping hurricane” is an indication of the enormity of his thought process and I wish – he makes it possible.

What is Hurricane and How It Forms?

Sometimes several tropical thunderstorms are able to organize, rotating around a central area of low pressure causing a tropical depression, and if the depression strengthens – winds speed reaching at least 39 mph – it is called a tropical storm, which ultimately gets converted to hurricane, when wind speeds increase to more than 74 mph.

Hurricanes take energy from the warm ocean water and continue to grow but while moving away from the tropics towards higher latitudes – where ocean water is cooler -it looses its power because of reducing supply of warm, moist air near the ocean surface to feed the storm.

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Intensity Scale is used to categorize hurricane strength and potential damage, showing the parameters (wind speed and storm surge), criteria, and expected damage of each category of hurricane.

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Intensity Scale:

Categories Wind Speed Storm surge Damage
Km/hr Mi/hr m ft
1 119-154 74-95 1-2 4-5 Minimal
2 155-178 96-110 2-3 6-8 Moderate
3 179-210 111-130 3-4 9-12 Extensive
4 211-250 131-155 4-6 13-18 Extreme
5 >250 >155 >6 >18 Catastrophic

If by some means, the supply of warm water to hurricane is reduced, then there is a strong possibility of cutting down its strength substantially.

This is exactly what Mr. Gates along with dozens of scientists propose to do, for which they have already submitted few patents also.
As reported by CNN: the technology involves, placing many tub like barges directly in the path of a storm, each having two conduits of 500 feet length. One conduit would push the warm water from the ocean’s surface down and the other would bring up cold water where it lies deep undersea.

Obviously scientists have their own doubt about the feasibility of this endeavor because nothing of this magnitude has been tried earlier, but I am sure, Mr. Gates must have done a good homework before getting into this mammoth project.

The unique combination of razor-sharp business acumen and dedicated philanthropic interest would prove to be more powerful than the deadliest Hurricane – I believe.

“My All Best Wishes & endless Support” to Mr. Gates – for success in this Historical efforts

Courtesy to Leadership Net Work


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