Saudi Arabia’s small businesses among the most optimistic in key emerging markets

Sheikh Mohammed Jameel

His Excellency Adel  AL-Nassary, Dputy Managing Director-SAAB

Saudi Arabia’s small businesses among the most optimistic in key emerging markets

Saudi Arabia’s small business sector is among the most optimistic of 12 key emerging markets studied in a new HSBC survey, Emerging Markets Small Business Confidence Monitor.

Things are getting hot and I am getting hot as well, Saudi official are stimulating the SME as per above news; that encourage me to throw the light on few issues that SME/other project investors candidates should be aware-off and educate, equipped himself with in order to break the ice and provide an opportunity for his business to grow and succeed.

Thanks God there an Entpreneur in Saudi Arabia that early started stimulating this sector, he donates from his own business alot to build along term legend in social & Charity Businesses & eventually SMEs . Mohammed Abdulatif Jameel, the man behind alot when we are talkng charity when we are talking social business when we are talking stimulating Small mediem entreprises. His contribution extended all over the kingdom & even more

He supported men and women to start a new business and stood behind them till they became a success. He launched Bab Rizq Jameel -باب رزق جميل which a very successful program that added alot in this arena, and its future program will uncover alot.for more please browse up the following link:

I have very strong feelings that the experience that Sheikh Mohammed Jameel has adopted/added to this sector will enable to open alot of doors especially with above strong supports from the Saudi official to stimulate the SMEs.

Sheikh Mohammed Jameel there is alot waiting for you and alot need to be achieved in this sector & we are looking forward to your innovative & Creative atlents your excellency.

On this Article I will be explaining and providing a detailed explanation-opening a small window to the wealthy data base and educative environment of the World Bank/IFC/Others WB’Arms where I grew and all my knowledge where come from-

It is very wealthy, healthy & Educative environment that will allow you to finance, design, supply, install & commission your project with least time, Affordable Cost and superb Quality-Thank my dear friend- Wooby-The World Bank)-This is the Mick-Name I like to call my Dear Fiend the World Bank.

شكر صديقى العزيز ووبى- هذا كما يحلو لى ادعو صديقى العزيز البنك الدولى-انها علاقة سنين من المودة والالفة فلقد نشأت وترعرت فى دهاليز معلوماته الثرة من خلال مداخلاتى والنهل من موقعه الرائع. بالحق يحق لى ان ارفع اسمى ايات الشكر له ولفريقه الرائع على مدى السنين. محبك احمد المعتصم محمد احمد

A. Mutasim

1-Take care of Eyes-Things that make you Happy-Ahmed EL-Mutasim’s Resume-Biography

2-This Article- Saudi Arabia’s small businesses Entrpise –S-SME

3-Unsolicited Proposal-Project Phases-Finance Allocation

4-Public & Private Partnership-PPP

5-IFC-Investment Cycle

6- IFC-Innovator

7-Business Plan Presentations

8-PMP Presentation

9-Stimulatin SME- article to be followed next week

Every week, same time I will throw the light and go step by step of how Authorities could stimulate SME and how SME will drive & improve the Growth, and how SME could add to diversification which be provide a source of stabilizing income to the National economy.

Ahmed EL-Mutasim’s SWOT

Saudi Small Mediem Entprise-SME

Project Phases & Finance allocation-unslocited Proposal

ICA PPP Constituents



Business Plan Presentation-Both arabic & English

PMP Presentation

I will see you next week

Small business sentiment across the Kingdom is largely positive in their 12 month outlook toward three key areas:

• Investment – in their businesses.
• Foreign trade – especially with China and Asia.
• Recruitment.

The survey shows that 39% of Saudi businesses with a turnover of less than $30m (SR112.5m) expect to increase capital expenditure while only 19% believe investment in their companies will slow down. The Kingdom’s entrepreneurs are even more optimistic about trade outlook. About 57% believe trade with the rest of the Middle East will expand by up to a fifth or more.

80% predict increased business with mainland China, with more than half of this anticipating growth of more than 20%. Two thirds of respondents are forecasting a rise in trade with the rest of Asia. And optimists outweigh pessimists about trade prospects with the US, Europe, Latin America and the rest of the world.

Regarding recruitment, owners and top management of KSA’s small businesses have the most ambitious plans of any of the 12 emerging markets surveyed with 40% expecting to need to increase their workforces and with one in eight seeking to grow their staff by more than 20%.

Overall, the leaders of Saudi Arabia’s smaller business sector – the vital fuel of every country’s economy – are more positive about the short term outlook than their counterparts in almost all other emerging markets surveyed, said, Adel Al-Nasser, Deputy Managing Director, of SABB. “We understand that smaller businesses have significant individual ambition. Collectively, theses businesses form a substantive part of any economy. To reflect their stature, we have reorganized and enhanced our specialist services to this segment in recognition of the fact that they will be our largest customers of tomorrow. We share the confidence that the sector has in itself and in the economy of Saudi Arabia” he added.


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