when I am Amazed, I praize God-Allhum Sully Ala Sidi Al-Mustaffa Salla Kamla ((محمد (ص)





At Saudi Arabia and Near the Holy Madina Area lay Auhud Mountain, a very precious Mountain for Muslim that witness early days of our Prophet Mohamed (Peace and prayers upon Him).

Please join me to witness your self, The Amazing issue about this Precious Mountain

ِAuhud Mountain

Satellite photos below confirm the shape of 7 km length of Auhud Mountain; reflecting the Name of our Profit Mohammed Peace and Prayer upon him

Is not that amazing?

Thank you Google for bringing this precious issue to our eyes, we really enjoy it thank you very much

Allhum Sully Wasulm Ala Sidi AL-Mustafa Mohammed Sulla Allah Alehi Wasalum

اللهم انك تصلى وتسلم على سيدى المصطفى صلاة كاملة وعلى اهله وصحبه الكرام ما ذكره الذاكرون وما صلى وقام الصائمون انا الليل وعند الاسحار وعند الحجون ببيته زيارة ياربى وعند سيدى حمزة مقالة وبباب السلام جلسة وسمارة اللهم امين- اندهنى يا سيدى


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