When Hard & Smart work pays off-Xenel Joins king Abdullah University for Science & Technology’s Knowledge Industrial Collaboration Program- KAUST’ KICP As A founding Memeber

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Xenel Join king Abdullah University for Science & Technology’s Knowledge Industrial Collaboration Program – KAUST’s KICP As a founding Member


XENEL becomes a founding member of KAUST’s Industrial Collaboration Program (KICP)- Congratulation Xenel Hard & Smart Work pays-off

Xenel Join kings Abdullah University for Science & Technology

Impact An effective industrial collaboration translating knowledge into economic growth and job creation.

King Abdullah University for Science and Technology, (KAUST), welcomes XENEL as a Founding Member of KAUST’s Industrial Collaboration Program, (KICP),a significant part of the University’s economic development program.

KICP is designed to maximize the chances of effective industrial collaboration within the Kingdom and internationally by engaging key partners, all with a keen interest in the translation of knowledge into economic growth and job creation.

“KAUST will provide a home for existing companies seeking access to its academic strengths, an incubator, an entrepreneurship program, and the benefit of a regional seed and venture fund network,”
Said Dr. Charles Kingdon, Director of Research Park and Industrial Collaboration.

“KAUST seeks to create a single academic/industrial community free from the traditional artificial divides in order to drive innovation faster and more creatively.”

About King Abdullah University of Science and Technology- KAUST
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is being built in Saudi Arabia as an international, graduate-level research university dedicated to inspiring a new age of scientific achievement in

i-The Kingdom
ii-In the region and
iii-Around the globe

As an independent, merit-based institution, KAUST will:

i-Employ many of the best practices from leading research universities

ii-Enable top researchers from around the globe and across all cultures
To work together to solve challenging scientific and technological issues.

The KAUST global research and education network will support diverse talents, both on;

i-Its campus and
ii-At other premier universities and
iii-Research institutions,


i-Collaborative research agreements,
ii-Grants, and
ii-Student scholarship programs.

KAUST will be open to both:

i-Men and

From all around the world, and governed by:

i-An independent,
Board of Trustees.

The core campus, located on more than 36 million square meters on the Red Sea at Thuwal, is set to open in September 2009.

The University will be establishing

-A Technology Transfer Office,
-An Industrial Collaboration Program, and
-A Research Park

To support the creation of new businesses.

For more information about KAUST, pls visit


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