Things we should know about-Lighting Africa

What is Lighting Africa?

Lighting Africa is a World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC)

 initiative aimed at providing up to 250 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa with

 access to non-fossil fuel based, low cost, safe, and reliable lighting products with

associated basic energy services by the year 2030.


Jointly managed by the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation

(IFC), Lighting Africa addresses the lighting needs of rural, urban, and peri urban

customers without electricity access—predominantly low income households and


Lighting Africa offers an alternative to current lighting options for this market,

which is dominated by costly, inefficient, poor quality, and often hazardous fuel

based products, such as kerosene lamps and candles. 

Lighting Africa seeks the rapid scale-up and delivery of affordable, non-fossil fuel

 lighting, and especially opportunities for dramatic cost reductions. It builds upon

the institutional capacities already existing in Africa and globally, with a bottomup focus on consumer needs. 


Lighting Africa is technology neutral and open to a range of modern energy options for delivering low cost, high quality lighting services.


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