When it is H1N1 Time be carefull!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Friends

When it is H1N1 Time be careful and share with me the following heavens from

Who web site.

They are very crucial to know when fighting this gigantic bloody pandemic

Who & Pan recommend the followings Bills Note before this grooks

arrives to you-so be carefull and listen carefully..thank you and thanks

to Pan and who for the great deal of efforts they spend to make us healthy

and cured

Before it arrives-Who Recommendation for you

Alot is goin on and below you may get some of alot that in the Who site:

Status of the H1N1 as of June 12, 2009 from Who web Site

She said it with all of us we are strong, so get connected to those who has

the info, to be cured and safe. Get connected to who web site and who staff

whenever they are, you be safe and happy:



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