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    • رجل الاعمال السوداني اسامة داؤد عبداللطيف الرئيس التنفيذي لمجموعة دال الصناعية يوقع عقد توكيل سلسلة مطاعم كنتاكي الامريكية بالسودانGod Bless the Efforts 20 hours ago
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Follow Who you & will never get (@-H1N1 Flu)

Never get busted, be an opistmistic culture-type

follow Who & you will never get(@-H1N1 Flu

Weekly Epid. Record 8422

Sometime you need to be free, but freedom is costly… do not do it and follow

Strangers. Follow that calm, confident voice which come from your deep conscious

Who is right, the  hell is right and Margret Chan is great. God bless her, her

efforts and her team for What has offered for the Universe…… I like you magi

WHO Pandemic Phase Description

When great people does great things you should recognize their efforts, one of

them is  the Who MD her Excellency Margret Chan

I am dedicating thses few issue and wards for her and for her team for the great

achievements up to now to contain this pandemic.

Without them it could have being a disaster. I am a prof. and I know

what I am talking about.

Thank you your Excellency for the great deal of efforts that allow 

our universe to come

to safety state (although it is Phaze 6 )

Thank you for the great mitigation for those  who can not bear the cost

and consequencies


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