Add that Smile to those who really need it, our African People

Greetings from Ahmed EL-Mutasim Mohammed Ahmed,  

The Power of Triangle of H-CC-FC

An African Entrepreneur

I would like to thank you for allowing me to take few moments from your time

 to unlock together few issues & agendas concerning development in


It is Development the item I seek, but the MDGs are the target we should meet-

If you agree with me come along and put those Five Letters ward

Offer-  Millennium Development Goals

with a sustainable Puffer not a cover just simple offer and we are done. 

I am an entrepreneur that started early working for constructions

& Manufacturing industries related to oil & Gas, Electricity & Power etc in the

Gulf region as Project Manager, Marketing Manager and in Sales acquiring

 an outstanding & a very rich experience in such fields.

With Courtesy from who Web site where I take this info & and additives

from me/you/others-just let us do it. It is high time think otherwise.

Only brave people with big plans think to reach this arena. join me to impress

 the world and lift our african people from Poverty, Child Moralty, illiteracy,

Malaria and add that beautiful smile with an educational Package to our women-

Make differnce it is a time we should pledge to our contineant and even the whole

Join me up
Ahmed Mutasim
An African Entrepreneur


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